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Where your financial capabilities end and need awaits . . . that’s where we Converj.





Financial reporting compliance is an escalating challenge for companies of all sizes – but especially so for small and mid-sized companies facing their first audit or the inquiries of increasingly diverse stakeholders. Many companies lack the infrastructure and skills to produce standardized reports that adhere to prescribed accounting principles and present a comprehensive picture of the business. The situation calls for an experienced advisor to close the gap between requirements and capabilities.



As your company grows so does your responsibility to report business results on a regular basis. We help transform your raw data into standardized financial statements in accordance with accepted accounting regulations. We also help you determine the proper accounting treatment for your increasingly complex transactions and identify alternative accounting treatment as appropriate.



As your processes and policies become more sophisticated, you need a more skilled staff. We provide customized training that gets your staff up to speed quickly. When interim financial management is needed, we source from our extensive local references, brief the executive on the unique characteristics of the assignment and monitor results.



As audits become a way of life, you need to ensure your records are always ready for review. We help you do just that. We evaluate your capabilities and recommend improvements to processes and output. We assess current policies to ensure they incorporate all prescribed accounting principles, recommend the adoption of new principles where appropriate and ensure all policies are properly documented.



Every business purchase, sale or acquisition offers opportunities and pitfalls that can determine the fortunes of the companies involved for years to come. Many companies considering a merger or acquisition don’t have the internal resources to conduct an efficient and thorough analysis, and a cadre of outside accountants and lawyers is a costly remedy. And while these firms are thorough-going professionals, the need by all parties to contain costs often results in a mechanical approach and a rush to close the books as quickly as possible. All the boxes are checked, but the final analysis is often a static, one-dimensional image of the company.



For fast-growing companies with solid portfolios, going public often becomes the next logical step to increasing value and brand equity. Executing a successful initial public offering (IPO), however, is a complex and complicated process made more so by the need to be ready to pounce when market conditions op-timize. The IPO process will con-sume large segments of the busi-ness for at least a year. Even com-panies that have been operating to public standards will find them-selves strapped for the kinds of skilled resources necessary to com-plete the extensive documentation required by investment bankers, auditors and regulators.


If you are reading this, chances are you don’t currently have the capability to handle all your potential accounting needs all the time. But what if you had a partner who could scale to your desired support level and deliver the peace of mind that comes from having accurate, complete and timely accounting information, regardless of complexity?

Enter Converj:  At Converj, our highly experienced team is committed to helping companies of all sizes meet meet their reporting obligations. And, as former CPAs and accountants for Big Four accounting firms, we have extensive experience in all areas of accounting and financial reporting—from end-to-end accounting advice, assessment and process improvements, GAAP compliance, mergers and acquisitions support, post-Series-A financing reporting support, pre-IPO positioning services,  as well as advice and training for small and mid-sized companies.


Our solutions are sophisticated, customized and affordable. So we can provide what you need, when you need it .


And you can focus on your business.  


What Others Are Saying:

"Johnny Nguyen conducts himself with a level of professionalism and acumen that you wish you had on your staff full time. His in-depth knowledge spans not only general accounting, but higher level financial reporting/forecasting, cap table management as well as strategic analysis. Mr. Nguyen can dissect and unwind difficult transaction at audit level, but beyond his professional skills, he also has a remarkable amount of empathy and consideration for owners." 

                                                   Kamo Jurn, CEO, Vaporous Technologies, Inc.

"As a CFO without an accounting background Johnny brings me much needed expertise to effectively and efficiently manage our finances.  He is highly reliable and responsive and goes beyond the norms for a service provider in working to develop our staff’s skills and capabilities."

                                     Jim Zierick, CFO, Scalable Network Technologies, Inc.

"Johnny Nguyen provided valuable assistance updating our financial records following the completion of our company’s first GAAP audit.  Johnny works in a thorough and efficient manner with a focus on completing tasks.  He is a good communicator and a pleasure to be around. "

                          Brian Conners, Principal, Endgame Business Solutions, LLC

"Whereas other CPAs may be more focused on logging hours of work, Mr. Nguyen is completely transparent and time efficient in what he is doing during the day. His many years of experience working with all sizes and conditions of business allows him to also provide your business with insight and solutions that would typically require a an entire team of consultants from McKinsey, Bain Capital or BCG. For any outside accounting or financial support, you could find no better than Mr. Nguyen."

                                               Christian Rado, President, Lubby Holdings, LLC

"I've engaged Johnny Nguyen's CPA services multiple times over the years and have always been pleased with the results.  He helped us with financial modeling, financial statement and debt load analysis during a time we were restructuring with new financing.  I especially appreciated how responsive he was to our needs and deadlines."

                         Toan Nguyen, Financial Controller, Ravco Construction, Inc.




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